Waypoint Comics

57 Vogel Street, Level 2, Dunedin


Comics generally come out one issue per month for ongoing series or mini-series (limited series).  Orders are made two months in advance using the Previews catalog which we have a physical copy of in-store, or you can visit the online version at https://www.previewsworld.com/catalog.

How it works is simple, you let us know what title/s you want to subscribe to, and we order them in for you.  We also carry a small selection on the shelf.  For example, if you want to subscribe to the 'Batman' title ongoing, we will order that from the Previews.  If it is the January Previews we are ordering from, then that is for issues that will be releasing in March.  February will be for April releases and so on. 

We can also back order individual issues as well.  Contact us to discuss what you're looking for.

Graphic Novels

Also known as trade paper backs, collected editions etc.  These are collected runs of individual comics, usually collecting a particular story-arc.  These can range from soft covers, hard covers, deluxe editions and very high end limited editions.  There are decades worth of stories that are available and almost any genre you can think of.  We try to carry a good selection of publishers and genres in store as well as key books for comic readers new and old.


Because pop culture was borne from comics but can not live by comics alone, we carry a range of higher end action figures and have access to much more.  Come in-store to see the growing range we carry and talk about what you're after.